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Camp will be June 9 - 15 this year!

(Last day to register online will be Friday, June 7th at 5pm.  After then please register in person upon arrival to the camp on Sunday, June 9th starting at 3pm.)



Please enter information of the child you are registering. You may submit multiple forms.

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!


Please provide your full name in the message box when submitting payment via PayPal

In consideration of the benefit to be derived and in view of the fact the Alabama Congregational Methodist

Camp is an educational institution, the membership is voluntary, and having full confidence that every

precaution will be taken to insure the safety and well being of my child in activities conducted, I hereby

agree to my child's participation in said activities and waive all claims against the volunteer leaders and

officers, agents, sponsors, and representatives of said campground. I hereby authorize the volunteer leaders

of said campground or its representatives as my agent, to consent to such medical or dental examination

and treatment as may be necessary as a result of illness or injury to my child which might occur while

participating in campground activities. I further agree to assume responsibility for all expense incurred as a

result of such treatment. I have read and understand the above, and the Camp Rules sheet.

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