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  • Campers must be 9 years of age through 18 years of age for the dorms. Younger campers may attend if accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Campers 19 years of age and older are Welcome and must stay in Pearl Hill Hall or cabins.

  • Campers found outside their dorm after 11PM without permission from their counselor will be sent home at the expense of the parent or legal guardian.

  • All campers are expected to take part in all activities and attend all services. You must be accompanied by an adult, if you find it necessary to leave the Tabernacle during a service. Campers should be seated with their counselors during services.

  • All activities or contests taking place in the dorm must be with the permission of both counselors and a counselor must be present during these activities.

  • Campers and counselors should respect the privacy of everyone sharing the dorm with them and likewise be modest around other campers and counselors.

  • No Romancing. Limit your public display of affection. No kissing.

  • MODEST clothes should be worn at all times. No bare midriff or exposed cleavage. Modest shorts, fingertip length, may be worn during the daytime activities. Girls are expected to wear dresses or pants and shirts, and boys are expected to wear shirts and slacks (jeans are OK) to the evening services. Shorts should not be worn to the evening worship services. Modest swim suits with T-shirt may be worn for aquatic activities.​

  • NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR DRUGS OR TOBACCO ARE ALLOWED ON CAMPGROUND PROPERTY! Campers possessing these will be sent home at the parents expense and reported to the proper authorities.

  • Food is not allowed in the dorms or Tabernacle. This is a health hazard because food attracts insects.

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